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Atlantean Orb Jewelry
(Designed by Sedona-based energy healer and jewelery designer, Liz Alpert.)
Atlantean Orb

Jim's Personal Experience
The Alantean Orb

Now we all know that I am not Metaphysical by any means, Right? I look at stones strictly scientifically and for their individual beauty. But, I must say that the Orb affected me in a way that nothing in the stones world ever has before. Here is what I experienced.

While attending the 9/9/09 World Mysteries Conference in Tempe, AZ with Leandro the Crystal Skull carver I noticed that these people across the hall from our table were attracting a lot of attention with what appeared to be a small Crystal Sphere called The Atlantean Orb. Arriving at the Happy Hour one of our nights there Leandro passed me and directed me to sit with some people at a table outside on the patio. Upon joining them I realized that they were the Atlantean Orb people, Arthur and Liz.

I sat with them and while drinking my beer Arthur suddenly said that he felt that he was being guided to let me experience the Orb. I agreed to allow him to put it to my chest, just being accommodating and not wanting to be rude. As Arthur was bringing it toward my chest I remember thinking "Oh boy, here we go Metaphysical madness." Let me tell ya, I at least got the part about "Oh boy, here we go..." right!

The second Arthur touched my chest with the Orb I felt this powerful wave of peace and tranquility rush through my body, almost like the few times in my life when I have known that God was present with me in the room but, no tears. Arthur eventually let me hold it, once he was sure that I had stabilized and was capable of doing so without dropping it. I just sat there and reviled in this intense feeling that seemed to just take control of me. I do not know how long I sat there but eventually, Arthur asked me if he could have it back and I said "NO, I do not want it to go away!" They looked at each other and laughed, then Liz took the Orb Necklace that she was wearing off her neck and said "Here put this on, you will feel the same thing." so, I gave it back and she was right the anxiety of the small separation abated immediately. We sat and talked about the Orb and things for about a half hour and when the time came to leave Liz asked for her necklace back. I could not bare the thought of separating from that feeling and I said "NO, I do not want to." They looked at each other and laughed again and Liz said "OK, I will be right back." Returning in a few minutes Liz gave me an Orb Necklace to wear for the night saying "Sleep with that on and let me know how you feel tomorrow." and then we parted ways.

I did sleep with the Orb necklace that Liz had given me and awoke in the morning feeling.....the same peace and tranquility but mentally, to the point of being in an aultered state. I continued to wear the Orb necklace throughout the remainder of the event and on the last day when Liz asked me "What are we going to do about the nacklace?" I replied "Well, I do not want to give it back." Liz looked at Arthur to which he replied "Well, I'm not going to try to take it back from him; look at the size of the guy. I'm not messin' with him!" So I said, "You give me the necklace and I will sell them for you on my site."

So, I now have The Atlantean Orb jewelry line available on my site for you, my clients to experience what I will not go a day without. And, there is now a wide and deep chink in my Metaphysical armour as far as The Atlantean Orb is concerned. Try it, I think that you are really going to like it! If you ever have the chance to experience The Atlantean Orb by all means do so, I highly recommend it.

See the History of The Atlantean Orb below.

Atlantean Orb Necklaces

Large Bead Orb Neckless

Large Graduated Orb Necklace
Length: 24" or 61Cm
Six Disk Shaped Beads
Round Graduated Beads in
14 / 12 / 10Mm
Price: $245.00

Medium Graduated Orb Necklace

Medium Graduated Orb Necklace
Length: 24" or 61Cm
Round Graduated Beads in
12 / 10 / 8Mm
Price; $195.00

Atlantean Orb Neckless

Atlantean Orb Necklace
Length: 22" or 56Cm
8Mm Round Beads

Atlantean Orb Necklace
Aqua-Aura Quartz

This Magical Stone
is created in a process where
Quartz Crystal
is bonded with
Pure Gold.
Available in
Medium 10Mm Beads
Large 12Mm Beads

Chose Bead Size

Atlantean Orb Necklace Aqua Aura Quartz

Atlantean Orb Necklace St. Frances Medallion Silver
Atlantean Orb Necklace Aqua Aura St. Frances Medallion Gold
Atlantean Orb Necklace Golden Aura St. Frances Medallion Copper

Atlantean Orb Necklace
Silver St. Frances Medallion

10Mm Beads
Sterling over Pewter
Length Approx: 18"

Atlantean Orb Necklace
Aqua Aura Quartz with
Gold St. Frances Medallion

10Mm Beads
18Kt Gold over Pewter
Length Approx: 18"

Atlantean Orb Necklace
Golden Aura Quartz with
Copper St. Frances Medallion

10Mm Beads
Copper over Pewter
Length Approx: 18"

Atlantean Orb Necklace Amethyst Single Bead
Atlantean Orb Necklace Black Onyx Single Bead
Black Onyx
Atlantean Orb Necklace Tourmaline Single Bead
Tourmaline Salad

Atlantean Orb
Amethyst Necklace

One 8-10Mm
Dangling Orb Bead
Delicately Faceted
Amethyst Beads
Sterling Silver Necklace
Length Approx.: 20"

Atlantean Orb
Black Onyx Necklace

One 8-10Mm
Dangling Orb Bead
Delicately Faceted
Black Onyx Beads
Sterling Silver Necklace
Length Approx.: 20"

"Most Popular New Style!"

Chose Necklace Stone

Atlantean Orb
Tourmaline Necklace

One 8-10Mm
Dangling Orb Bead
Delicately Faceted
Tourmaline Salad Beads
Sterling Silver Necklace
Length Approx.: 20"

Atlantean Orb Heart Stones

Orb Heart Stones

Orb Heart Stones
on Red, Pink, or Black Silk String.

Length: 26"
Single Round Bead in
10 / 12 / 14Mm

String Color

Heart Stone with Chain
3 Beads / 1 Lg with 2 Side-beads
Silver Tone Chain
Length Approx.: 22"
(Chain may vary slightly from photograph.)

Atlantean Orb Heart Stone 3 Bead Silver Chain

Atlantean Orb Heart Stone Single Bead with Copper-Gold-Silver Chain

Heart Stone with Chain
Medium or Large Bead
Copper Chain
Silver or Gold Tone Chain
Length Approx.: 26"
(Chain may vary slightly from photograph.)

Bead Size
Chain Color

Atlantean Orb Earrings

Orb Earrings

Orb Earrings

These delicate patterned earrings are
lightweight and carry the frequency of the Orb
within their hanging drop crystals.

Star Design available in
Bronze, Silver, or Gold colors.
4 Petal Design in Silver only.

Length: 1.5" or 4Cm
Round Beads: 6Mm

$39 for one drop (Indicate color and shape preference)
$49 for 3 drops (Indicate color and shape preference)

Style / Color

Atlantean Orb Pearl Earrings

Orb Drop Earrings

These Pearl-Look earrings are
lightweight and
carry the frequency of the orb
within their drop crystals.

 Length: 1"
Round Beads
Medium: 12Mm
Large: 14Mm

$75 with Copper Earwires
$85 with Sterling Silver or Gold Filled French Earwires

$90 with Copper Earwires
$99 with Sterling Silver or Gold Filled French Earwires

Size / Style

Atlantean Orb Bracelets

Bimini Bracelets

Bimini Bracelets

These bracelets may be purchased individually
but, it is recommended to wear a set for balancing.

14 / 12 / 8Mm Beads

SizeFor 2 For 1

Size / Quantity

Aqua & Golden Aura
Quartz Bracelets

Aqua Aura 12Mm Beads (Top-Lg)
Aqua Aura 10Mm Beads (Bottom-Med)
Golden Aura 10Mm Beads (Right-Med)
All are also available in 8Mm Small Beads

Select Stone Color & Size

Atlantean Orb Bimini Bracelets Aqua-Golden Aura

Atlantean Orb Animal Charms

Atlantean Orb St. Frances Animal Charm Gold
Atlantean Orb St. Frances Animal Charm Silver
Atlantean Orb St. Frances Animal Charm Copper

Orb Crystal Bead (8Mm)
St. Frances Medallion
for your animals protection.
Available in
Gold & Silver Tone
or Copper
Also available with
Aqua Aura Bead


Select Stone Color
Medallion Tone

If you have any
Ouestions or Concerns
 to purchase of any of the
Atlantean Orb Jewelry
please contact
Stones of Brasil

All beads are activated by soaking in water with
Soaking Beads
The Atlantean Orb

The Alantean Orb and its History.

Allegedly in 1970, Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa, Arizona, was scuba diving with friends near the Bahamas, in an area 20 miles from the edge of a submarine drop-off called the Tongue of the Ocean.

During the dive, Brown became separated from his companions, and in trying to rejoin them, suddenly saw a strange pyramid shape looming up against the aquamarine light. The pyramid was situated 22 fathoms down, stood 120 feet high, with only 90 feet projecting out of the sea floor shifting sands. Brown was at first struck by how smooth and mirror-like the stone surface of the structure was, with the joints between the individual blocks almost indiscernible.

Swimming about the capstone, which the Arizona diver thought looked like lapis lazuli, he discovered an entranceway and decided to explore further. Passing along a narrow hallway, Brown finally came to a small rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. What was amazing was that the room contained no algae or coral growing on the inner walls. They were completely spotless.

In addition, though Brown had brought no flashlight, he could nevertheless see everything in the room perfectly. It was very bright and well lit, but no direct light source was visible. Brown's attention was drawn to a brassy metallic rod 3 inches in diameter hanging down from the apex of the center, and at its end was attached a many-faceted red gem, which came to a point. Directly below the rod and gem, sitting in the middle of the room was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with scrolled ends.

On the plate rested a pair of carved metal bronze-colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and burnt, as if having been subjected to tremendous heat. Nestled in the hands, and situated 4 feet directly below the ceiling rod gem point, was a crystal sphere 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

Brown first attempted to pry loose the ceiling rod and red gemstone, but neither would budge. Turning back to the crystal sphere he found it easily separated from the bronze hand holders, and left the pyramid with it. As he departed, Brown felt a presence, and heard a voice from somewhere telling him never to return.

Fearing that his unusual prize might be confiscated as salvage-treasure by the U.S. government, Dr. Brown did not disclose the existence of the strange crystal or his experiences until 1975, when he exhibited the crystal for the first time.

He displayed the crystal only a half dozen times, but each time witnesses have seen or have been sensitive to strange phenomena directly associated with it.

Atlantean Orb Pyramids

Deep inside the crystal form one gazes upon three pyramid images, one in front of the other, in decreasing sizes.

Some, entering into a meditative or alpha brainwave state of consciousness, are able to clearly see a fourth pyramid, in the foreground of the other three.

The significance of the image may have been hinted at by psychic Elizabeth Bacon of New York. In a trance reading on the mysterious sphere, she received the message that the object had once belonged to Thoth, the Egyptian god who allegedly buried a secret vault of knowledge near the three great Pyramids of Giza at the beginning of time.

One might view this as a 'record keeper crystal' and 'three' as third dimension. 'Subterranean' is an metaphor for the sea of creation, collective unconsciousness, grid matrix of our reality, Hall of Records, etc.

Do the positions of the three pyramid images in the crystal hold a key to finding a fourth, as yet unfound subterranean pyramid, that is the fabled Hall of Records? I don't think so, but this story is laced with metaphors found throughout Crystalinks' files.

From the side, the internal images dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines, and Brown feels these may be electrical in nature, like some form of microscopic circuitry. From still another angle, and under special conditions, many witnesses have been able to see a large single human eye staring out serenely at them. Allegedly photographs of this eye have also been taken.

Dr. Brown's crystal sphere is the source of a variety of paranormal events. People have felt breezes of ionic winds blowing close to it; cold and warm layers surround it at various distances; other witnesses have been phantom lights, heard voices, or felt strange tingling sensations around it.

A compass needle placed next to the sphere will spin counterclockwise, then begin turning in the opposite direction when moved only two inches away.

Metals are temporarily magnetized in close contact with it. There are even recorded instances where one person has been temporarily healed of an ailment by touching the crystal sphere, but then the next person to come into its range took on the symptoms of the ailment of the other person, as if the crystal could draw out and then activate human disorders at will.

Just what the purpose of the crystal sphere was, and what role it once played in the enigmatic instrument Brown found inside the sunken Bahaman pyramid, remains a mystery, though of course there are some interesting possibilities.

One idea proposed is that the sunken pyramid once attracted, accumulated and generated cosmic forces. The suspended rod may have conducted forces accumulated in the capstone; the faceted red gem at its end concentrated and projected the energy to the crystal sphere below it; and the burned and blackened hands, showing the evidence of an energy transfer, probably amplified the release of energies; while the crystal sphere acted as the tuner and broadcaster of the energies.

All that we know for certain is that the crystal sphere Dr. Brown retrieved from this system is by itself testimony to a most sophisticated technology, for as experts at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington noted, the technology for cutting quartz stone to the perfection exhibited in the crystal sphere was not accomplished by our civilization until after 1900.

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