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OchreStone is a 100% natural product that is only submitted to extraction and shaping processes. It requires no additional treatment on the surface, make it the sustainable alternative for any project.

All OchreStone tiles that bear our brand have been produced directly in our factory from our own quarry and, therefore, are subject to our quality and environmental management policies.

It is truly one of a kind, it is timeless, beautiful and works well in combination with wood, concrete, glass, steel and other materials. A façade with OchreStone creates a vivid expression as it reflects light differently throughout the day and the seasons.


This particular stone can be quarried by hand. Simply get a machete and break the stone in the disered shape. The quarry can supply any size imaginable, only limited by transportation. One more reason this stone is unique.

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Extraction of the product commences after conducting the disassembly operations.
The stone is extracted  from the quarry in large sheets by hand or with a diamond blade. The sheets are then transported by truck to the processing plant. Water is used as a coolant and base material for removing rubble throughout the process involving the extraction and processing of the product. This water is recycled and purified in a closed circuit to prevent such a precious resource from being wasted.


The stone undergoes only 1 phase at the processing plant prior to being packaged:
– Sawing: The large sheets of stone extracted from the quarry are sawn into different sizes in accordance with the size of the order to be produced.



After classification the stones are counted and packaged on wooden crates for storage and subsequent delivery.
A label is placed on each crate with a description, format, thickness, etc.

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