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The most important raw material for our bricktiles is clay, however sand, additives and other minerals are included in the product mix. Our tiles start their life as full sized imperial bricks.
If a fired product does not meet our strict quality tests, it will be separated and recycled. Common recycling routes include crushing for aggregate or recycling back into the manufacturing process.


Our Brick tiles are cut from high quality fired clay bricks using a high speed diamond cutting process. Our tiles are cut in 9mm thick pieces thus being lightweight (around 15 Kg/sqm).
Our factory is able to reduce their total water consumption by directly reusing water.

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After the tiles have dried, they undergo a quality inspection and are packed ready for dispatch. Brick tiles are packed in robust cardboard boxes with internal cardboard seperators and encased in 50 micron polybag. Personalised branded pack-aging is available on request. 50 tiles are packed into a cardboard box giving you 1m² when layed.

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